A time to transcend…

At Milestone Montessori, our Casa program provides a prepared environment for children ages 3.5 to 6 years of age. The didactic materials used in the classroom are based on the pedagogy developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, and aid the child in the learning process. Spontaneous and self-directed learning is fostered in this non-competitive environment. Children are free to work independently or in collaboration with peers, gaining important social skills. Self-esteem and confidence develop as children explore with the materials and master important developmental skills. At this level, the child’s classroom is a prepared environment designed to stimulate interest and exploration. Through the use of the unique Montessori materials, children learn by associating abstract concepts with myriad sensorial experiences. Hands and mind work together; doing and manipulating, rather than simply observing. As the children become engaged in activities, they begin to develop concentration, attention to detail and self-discipline while working towards completion of tasks. Courtesy, as well as respect for others and the environment are important aspects of daily classroom life.

In this multi-age setting, the children learn from each other and they learn because of each other. Younger children get a chance to look ahead and see what is coming next by watching the older children. Older children have the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge by sharing it with the younger children. Assisting their teachers, the older children serve as role models and mentors for the younger students in the class. As children progress within the group, their confidence grows along with their expanding knowledge.

Our Casa children also take part in weekly music lessons and daily French lessons as well as daily physical activity outdoors. The core of the learning experience comes from five core areas of the classroom that the child will work within, all containing physically and mentally engaging materials.